Vibrant Church Renewal

What is Church Renewal?

God wants every church to be a vibrant, loving, Spirit-filled, and outward-focused body of believers. Church Renewal assists Nazarenes in bringing a new sense of mission and purpose to their congregations. This is accomplished through sharing resources, creating training events, and through spreading the vision via social media.Vibrant Church Renewal on TwitterThe Vibrant Church Renewal BlogThe Vibrant Church Renewal Facebook Page


Introduction to Church Renewal by Dr. Bill Wiesman, Director of Evangelism Ministries

What Renewal Resources are Available Here?

Take a look at the following video and the content posted below for some resources presently available on the topic of vibrant church renewal.




  • A pastoral peer-to-peer connection tool.

New Believers Curriculum

  • G.R.O.W. - God Re-Shaping Our Ways
  • Exploring Faith Bible Study Series



Training Modules

  • Developing a Passion for the Unchurched
  • Developing Evangelistic Leaders in Your Congregation
  • Developing Friendships for the Lord
  • Discerning Spiritual Receptivity
  • Empowered Evangelism
  • Finding New Prospects for Your Church
  • Holiness as Motivation for Evangelism
  • Invitations to Discovery
  • Loving Your Friends to Faith: Becoming a Caring Christian
  • Loving Your Friends to Faith: Becoming a Commissioned Christian
  • Loving Your Friends to Faith: Becoming a Compassionate Christian
  • Loving Your Friends to Faith: Becoming a Convincing Christian
  • Loving Your Friends to Faith: Becoming a Credible Christian
  • Passing on a Passion for the Unchurched
  • Preparing for Persecution
  • Sharing Your Spiritual Story
  • Starting Spiritual Conversations
  • Starting Spiritual Conversations with Postmoderns
  • Unlocking our Growth Potential: A Strategy for Building our Local Church Body
  • Witnessing: Re-envisioning God
  • Developing Lay Leaders
  • Identifying Our Church's Uniqueness
  • Jump-Starting the Established Congregation
  • Mobilizing People to Serve
  • Organizing to Meet Multiple Needs
  • Raising the Morale of a Plateaued Congregation
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Revitalizing Sunday School, Part 1: Re-Envisioning Sunday School
  • Revitalizing Sunday School, Part 2: Re-Tooling Sunday School
  • Revitalizing Sunday School, Part 3: Re-Selling Sunday School
  • Team-Building for Success
Congregational Life
  • Becoming the Church God Builds
  • Communicating Vision
  • Conditioning the Climate for Growth
  • Developing Devoted Disciples
  • Encouraging Encouraging
  • Exploring Evangelistic Strategies for the Local Church
  • Heightening Visibility of Your Local Church: Being a Visible Church in a Visible Society
  • Helping Outsiders Become Insiders
  • Improving Church Communication
  • Inviting the Unchurched
  • Loving People into Fellowship
  • Managing Change in the Local Church
  • Providing Christian Care
  • Seeing Through the Eyes of an Outsider
  • Unifying Pastor and People
  • Unleashing the Spirit's Power: How Spiritual Vitality Affects Numerical Growth
  • Welcoming Newcomers Into Fellowship
  • When People Bring Their Messy Lives to Church
  • Witnesses of God's Grace