Multicultural Ministries



A Diverse Church

The cutting edge of growth across the USA/Canada Region has been within immigrant and ethnic people groups, states the USA/Canada Regional Office. Nazarene churches throughout the nation, especially in urban contexts, are being confronted with the complexities of ministry to these groups.




Crossing Cultures

Multicultural Ministries works with our different ethnic groups within the church to train leaders and develop strategies for making Christlike disciples.





Get Involved

If you are interested in resources for a multicultural congregation, connecting with an existing ministry, or even starting a new multicultural ministry, you can contact the Multicultural Ministries office at for more information.



Ministry Resources

Ministry Resources include statistics, articles, videos and other related resourceful information concerning Multicultural Ministries.




The Multicultural Ministries E-Newsletter

The Ethnic Facilitator Reflection is a monthly e-newsletter with a devotional thought from an Ethnic Facilitator, Statistics, A Note from Dr. Hodgson, Multicultural Ministries Director USA/Canada, Prayer Requests and Events.  Click here to subscribe.  Archived Newsletters





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