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Compassionate Ministry Centers are non-profit organizations meeting the needs of the under-resourced on the USA/Canada Region. (see steps to register below)

There are several steps to becoming a Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Center.

Steps to Register Your Ministry as a CMC

Send each of the following to our office by email:

Step 1

          Download the 3 forms: CMC Application, CMC Information Form, and CMC District Approval Form. 

Step 2

          CMC Application 
          Requires signatures of Executive Director and Board Chairperson. Send with 3 accompanying documents:
          1) Approved Bylaws,

          2) Approved Articles of Incorporation,

          3) Federal Tax-Exempt Certification

Step 3

          CMC Information Form (Canada) 
          CMC Information Form (USA)

Step 4

          CMC District Approval Form 
          Requires signatures of Secretary of the District Advisory Board and the District Superintendent.


Step 5

          Email all 3 documents to 

Benefits of Becoming a Nonprofit

  1. Shields the church from liability.
  2. Greater potential for the wider community to become involved.
  3. Greater access to government, foundation, and donor monies.

Benefits of Registering as a CMC

  1. Invites greater funding participation from Nazarene churches as a 10% Mission Special.
  2. Access to events and opportunities created for CMCs.
  3. Your CMC included in USA/Canada Region’s online, searchable database at

Starting a Compassionate Ministry Center

These documents provide advice for formulating your ministry
          12-Steps to Starting a Compassionate Ministry Center

Why and How to Become Involved in Compassionate Ministry
          Making Christlike Disciples Through Compassion
          Moving from Charity to Community Development
          Reaching Your Community at Their Point of Need
          A Vision for Compassionate Ministries

CMC Information Update Forms
          CMC Information Form (Canada)
          CMC Annual Information update Form (USA)