Church Planting

Why Plant New Churches?

Starting a new church is the single best method of evangelism. We subscribe to the motto "All kinds of churches for all kinds of people," and have arranged our resources accordingly.

It is our desire to see people come to God. New churches are nearly 100% outreach, with very few barriers to visitors. A new, culturally specific or affinity-group church can make in-roads into a group that the sponsor church never could. Just as new believers bring new spirit and life to an existing congregation, new churches breathe new life into our denomination.

We welcome you to explore the church planting resources we have gathered here.

Introduction to Church Planting by Dr. Bill Wiesman, Director of Evangelism Ministries & New Church Development






Church Planting

A Discussion on Church Planting
Pathway to Planting
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Church Planting Training Events

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  • Church Planting Movements
  • New Church Dynamics

Church Planter Assessment

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Nazarene Building Professionals

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