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Compassionate Ministry Centers are non-profit organizations meeting the needs of the under-resourced on the USA/Canada Region. (see steps to register below)

There are several steps to becoming a Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Center.

Steps to Register Your Ministry as a CMC

Send each of the following to our office by email:

Step 1

          Download the 3 forms: CMC Application, CMC Information Form, and CMC District Approval Form. 

Step 2

          CMC Application 
          Requires signatures of Executive Director and Board Chairperson. Send with 3 accompanying documents:
          1) Approved Bylaws,

          2) Approved Articles of Incorporation,

          3) Federal Tax-Exempt Certification

Step 3

          CMC Information Form (Canada) 
          CMC Information Form (USA)

Step 4

          CMC District Approval Form 
          Requires signatures of Secretary of the District Advisory Board and the District Superintendent.


Step 5

          Email all 3 documents to 

Benefits of Becoming a Nonprofit

  1. Shields the church from liability.
  2. Greater potential for the wider community to become involved.
  3. Greater access to government, foundation, and donor monies.

Benefits of Registering as a CMC

  1. Invites greater funding participation from Nazarene churches as a 10% Mission Special.
  2. Access to events and opportunities created for CMCs.
  3. Your CMC included in USA/Canada Region’s online, searchable database at

Starting a Compassionate Ministry Center

These documents provide advice for formulating your ministry
          12-Steps to Starting a Compassionate Ministry Center

Why and How to Become Involved in Compassionate Ministry
          Reaching Your Community at Their Point of Need
          A Vision for Compassionate Ministries

CMC Information Update Forms
          CMC Information Form (Canada)
          CMC Annual Information update Form (USA)