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God’s mission is our mission; God’s vision is our vision.

Years ago, the Spirit moved the Church of the Nazarene to adopt a powerful Mission Statement based on the Great Commission. We all share this common mission in our districts, churches, and ministry entities.


In 2022 God set His people to praying. The Half Million Mobilization called 500,000 Nazarenes across Canada and the USA to pray. We also called those who prayed to share what they heard the Spirit saying to the Church. There were four “heart cries” that emerged from God’s people, regardless of their role or age group.

Mobilizing all Nazarenes in unity in the midst of a polarized world, calling our churches to engage in blessing our community, bringing people to Jesus especially our younger generations, and embracing the transformation of the whole person through becoming Christlike disciples.

In the following months these “heart cries” were prayerfully formed by pastors and lay people, educators and ministry leaders of all ages and cultures, into the grand vision for Canada and the USA.


Over time, our regional focus on these “heart cries” from our people will lead to a yearly emphasis on each one. We will start by mobilizing all Nazarenes in unity in 2023, then focus on blessing our community in 2024, then bringing people to Jesus in 2025, and finishing the cycle with becoming Christlike disciples in 2026. This cycle will repeat and the realization of this vision within the region will become reality.

We call this The Cycle of Resurgence.