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Does your church practice evangelism as the body of Christ? We hope so! If your church needs a boost or a few new ideas about how to practice evangelism in your community, we hope you’ll check out the list below. Many of these ideas will take time, organization, and a good deal of effort. Some of the mass evangelism ideas, in particular, will even take a fair sum of money! But if evangelism involves showing people Christ’s love, sometimes this can be dramatically accomplished by what a romantic might call, “making the grand gesture.” Check out the list below for ideas to get started!

  • Host a back-to-school back pack giveaway. Get everyone at church involved in purchasing supplies and filling back packs with school supplies.
  • Buy dozens of turkeys and host a turkey giveaway before Thanksgiving.
  • Bless families with Christmas shopping sprees by giving away family-sized gift cards at Christmas.
  • Give a free car to a single mom. You can set up the gift as the winning prize of a drawing, which you can advertise throughout the community.
  • Host a free neighborhood BBQ, perhaps in an underserved neighborhood somewhat near to your church.
  • Provide free meals! It can be a weekly dinner, or dinners for special holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but take the opportunity to invite people to sit down for a free meal at your church.
  • Adopt a family in need for Christmas and invite the whole church to participate in making their Christmas extraordinary.
  • Come together as a church to support foster families. Host a training event about becoming a foster care safe church and gather a collection of supplies like clothes, shoes, suitcases, toiletries, and backpacks for families receiving children placed in foster care.