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Relational evangelism is all about building intentional relationships to show people the love of Jesus. Do you know that you are uniquely equipped with everything you need to love someone right where they are? All it takes is paying attention to the daily experience and felt needs of people in your community and a willingness to help as the Lord leads. The Holy Spirit (Giver of all wisdom!) will guide you as you seek ways to connect.

Here are some creative but tangible ways to show God’s love. When people ask “Why are you doing this?” you can answer, “It’s because God loves you so much.” We hope these ideas inspire you as you practice loving your neighbors!

  • Throw a baby shower for the unwed pregnant mother (especially teenage unwed pregnant mothers). Walk alongside her in her journey. 
  • Become the surrogate extended family for foster care children and foster parents in your community. Check out resources for how to effectively support foster families at 
  • Visit your local laundry mat to distribute quarters and make friends with people there.
  • Offer free oil changes for single moms or aging people in your community.
  • Provide lawn care or help with house projects for neighbors in need. 
  • Help someone pack their house and move. 
  • Throw a party with an intentional guest list of both Christian and non-Christian friends to create opportunities for relationships and conversation to grow.
  • Show kindness and appreciation toward waitresses and other local service providers you might encounter. If the opportunity presents itself, let them know about the regular gatherings at your church and assure them they are wanted and welcome to join.
  • Attend your neighborhood block party (or host one!) and get to know your neighbors. Make some new friends!
  • Become a pen pal with someone of the same gender in the prison system. You might be surprised at the opportunities that arise for spiritual conversations!