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Meet our Chinese Ministries Strategic Readiness Team (SRT) 

Chinese Ministries teamThe Chinese Strategic Readiness Team, led by facilitator Rev. Darwin Ng, meets annually to pray, plan and strategize for their perspective ethnic group in the USA/Canada.  The team is comprised of Chinese pastors that have been approved by their District Superintendent and the Multicultural Ministries Director.

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Mission & Strategic Plan of Action

Chinese Ministries: “exists to support districts, pastors, local churches, and leaders in the task of making Christlike disciples among Chinese groups in the U.S. and Canada.” It also endeavors to encourage the development of strategy, initiative, and resources to reach the USA/Canada mission field through the visionary leadership of a Chinese Mission Facilitator and Strategy Committee, to facilitate the creation of resources for pastors, local congregations, and for ministerial preparation through the strategy committee, and to utilize as strategy committee members, church leaders who are committed to establishing the Kingdom of God in the hearts of Chinese people in their communities.

Here’s our strategic plan of action:

  • To Promote Fasting and Praying thru regional prayer gatherings and time for fasting; to start with leaders and to spread to congregations


  • Vision Casting for the Chinese Pastors 
    • to conduct a meeting of all Chinese leaders to share and cast vision for all Chinese Leader


  • Recruit Pastors 
    • encourage home grown seminarians/pastors; (need to encourage and train our pastors in how they can develop new pastoral leadership)
    • encourage bi-vocational ministry;
    • visit local seminaries;
    • connect with pastors from other denominations who are in transitions


  • Equip Lay People (Eli-Samuel Model) 
    • to conduct lay training: using the internet for both East and West coasts of US and Canada on Saturdays (morning for west coast and afternoon for East Coast).  The first round will be in Cantonese led by current SRT team.  We will use denominational curriculum for pastors and simplified it for the laypeople.  Will translate curriculum into Chinese.
    • to encourage Mandarin pastors to start training using same curriculum and similar model. 


  • Identify new church plants possibility 
    • work with district leadership with Chinese rich districts and known Chinese pockets
    • demographic study


  • Church planting goal:
    • to build twenty churches in ten years
    • Continue Pastors’ Retreat to Enhance Fellowship and Provide Training 


  • Build up/locate financial resources: locate mother church/Parent Affiliated Congregation; fund from denomination, districts and other source



Chinese Ministries  2022





26 Congregations

1,482 Total Members 

558 Average Worship Attendance





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