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Meet our Multicultural Congregations Ministries Strategic Readiness Team (SRT)

The Multicultural Congregations Strategic Readiness Team, led by facilitator Rev. Junior Sorzano, meets annually to pray, plan and strategize for Multicultural Congregations in the USA/Canada.  The team is comprised of pastors of Multicultural Congregations that have been approved by their District Superintendent and the Multicultural Ministries Director. Click here to contact the team facilitator.

Rev. Junior Sorzano, Multicultural Congregations Facilitator has recently resigned.  He is presently in Trinidad caring for his mother who is facing health issues. Rev. Sorzano has served as the Multicultural Congregations (MCC) Facilitator for six years. Roberto Hodgson, will serve as the interim MCC facilitator along with the MCC Strategic Readiness Team (SRT).

I want to express my gratitude on the part of the Multicultural Ministries Office to Rev. Junior Sorzano for his exceptional and faithful leadership to the Multicultural Congregations during the past several years.

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Multicultural Congregations Facilitator



Mission & Strategic Plan of Action

Multicultural Congregations Ministries exists to:

  • Support districts, pastors, local churches, and leaders in the task of making Christlike disciples among Multicultural Congregations groups in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Encourage the development of strategy, initiative, and resources to reach the USA/Canada mission field through the visionary leadership of a Multicultural Congregations Mission Facilitator.
  • Facilitate the creation of resources for pastors, local congregations, and for ministerial preparation for those with a multicultural congregation

Here’s our strategic plan of action:

  • Compile a resource book for multicultural congregation.
  • Develop module material in Cross Cultural Training
  • Develop Lay Training material in Cross Cultural ministry
  • By 2020 Establish 100 New multi-ethnic congregations by identifying and targeting specific areas where the church of the Nazarene needs a presence



Samoan Map

157 Congregations

15,789 Total Members 

9,055 Average Worship Attendance

Click here for more statistics from cultural group reports.




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