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The Preaching Collaborative

Effective Evangelistic Preaching Leads to Transformational Decisions

Every sermon is an opportunity for a life changing decision: ‘Yes’ to Jesus for the first time, recommitment, or taking a next transformative step. Effective evangelistic preachers consistently create opportunities for decision to become more like Jesus.

Effective preaching has a relevant voice within culture while remaining Christ – centered, Gospel-focused and presenting Jesus as the hope in every situation.

Preaching Cohort Impact





Cohorts – 6 active Participant preachers, one of whom is the Facilitator in a Peer-to-Peer Cohort. Together, Cohorts learn, practice, and offer powerful feedback.


Immersive Summit 2024 will develop current and future field Facilitators. Watch for workshops connected to regional events: M25, PALCONs, etc. for current and future Cohort participants.


Paid positions guaranteeing 20 sermon deliveries per year.



The Preaching Collaborative is focused on transformational preaching by “Creating more effective evangelistic preachers to transform communities.” This purpose informs everything we do from Peer-to-Peer Learning Cohorts, to regional events and workshops, and Aspiring Preacher Residencies. Our strategy is multiplication through preaching pastors investing deeply in one another to become increasingly effective ambassadors of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Contact Rev. Julie O’Hara, Project Director

Feedback is the key.
1) Start by downloading this self-evaluation of questions based on feedback from thousands of congregants across the USA/Canada Region.
2) Watch your own sermon and critique yourself with this tool.
3) Take the next step of focusing on just one improvement area.
4) Let us know if this was helpful.


These cohorts are about one thing…preaching! As relationships build trust, participants will humbly give and receive feedback to elevate their preaching week-by-week for the specific purpose of bringing people to Christ and blessing their communities.

Lead Pastors and some associates in preaching roles including Youth and Children, with District Superintendent approval. Must be preaching at least once per month.

Cohorts meet bi-monthly for 12 months. Cohort Facilitators introduce content with specific application points for participants to practice. Some sessions have a small amount of pre-reading. Participants record view and give feedback on one other participant’s sermon each month. Throughout their months together, participants will engage in new methods and be strengthened by constructive critique from one another.

Costs are shared by the participating pastor and their district. The pastor (or their church) and the district each contribute $495 which covers the entire 12 months.

Dedicated leadership from your Facilitator and committed participation from the rest of the Cohort. Fulfilling our purpose to create more effective evangelistic preachers will impact the entire congregation towards developing an evangelistic DNA.

Cohort Details

  • Increase effectiveness in preaching and delivering sermons in current cultural realities.
  • Each Cohort consists of six pastors (one is the facilitator.)
  • Frequency: Meet twice monthly for 1 ½ hours for 12 months.
  • Cost is shared between District and sponsoring church: Each contribute $495 per participant. We encourage pastors to ask their Church Boards to sponsor them.
  • Besides the Cohort experience, every participant will receive “The Art of Preaching” and “The Art of Reaching” by Carey Nieuwhof and Mark Clark, each valued at $447.
  • 2024 Participants are nominated by District Superintendents and other denominational leaders with the intention of becoming future district Facilitators.
  • Invitation to Immersive Summit 2024

Request an invitation to join a September 2024 Cohort by emailing Cohort participants will represent every District and are finalized by our Executive Director, Dr. David Graves.

All Nazarene preachers will be able to join Peer-to-Peer Learning Cohorts in every local districts that opts in beginning January 2026. We also suggest looking for workshops at based on best practices at regional events.

Each Cohort will follow the same 12 schedule, meeting twice per month and utilize the same curate content. Differences will be expressed through the various participants experiences and styles.

Look for language specific Cohorts: beginning with Spanish. There may be other special interest Cohorts, such as emerging ministry models.

We will also offer language specific Cohorts: beginning with Spanish. There may be other special interest Cohorts, such as emerging ministry models.

Immersive Summits

Summit content is specific to cohort participants, attendance is therefore limited.

The Preaching Collaborative Immersive Summit in October 2024 is an intentional event focused on the purpose of the Preaching Collaborative, “Creating more effective evangelistic preachers to transform communities.” Participants will be energized and better equipped in their efforts preach and lead evangelistically in this season. This event also prepares participants to Facilitate district Cohorts.

October 7 – 9, 2024 at Estes Park, Colorado.

Summit registration is $299 which includes meals and housing plus all conference sessions.


Nazarene clergy with a call to preach who are nearing graduation and ready for full-time assignment.

Residents will be nominated by educators, lead pastors, and district superintendents then follow an application process.

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