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Grant Application

Thanks to generous donors, the USA/Canada Region will be able to distribute grants for Nazarene churches to participate in the Blessing Our Community Initiative. These grants are available to churches of all sizes that are seeking to be a blessing to their community.

The guidelines to receive a grant are simple and include the following:

  • The project will be used to build a bridge from the church to the community.
  • The project will meet a specific need or challenge within your local community.
  • The funds will not be used to make building improvements unless it is specifically for community use.

There are three types of grants available:

  • A $500 non-matching grant for churches of 50 or fewer people.
  • A $1,000 matching grant for churches of any size.

Our prayer is these grants will be used to be a blessing to your local community and create relational opportunities in your community! Fill out the form at the link and email it to your District Superintendent and to the USA/Canada Team at